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Shipping Policy


Can we ship to you? 

The States We Ship To: Alaska; California; Connecticut; District of Columbia; Idaho; Louisiana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Mexico; North Dakota; Oregon; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia; Wyoming


Where We Can Ship To 
Below are the only places that allow consumers like you to receive wine shipments from wine merchants like MyWinehunter based out of Washington, USA.

The laws are slowly changing in many states so we hope to be able to ship to many more states in the near future. If you have any questions, please email us at

District of Columbia 
New Hampshire 
New Mexico 
North Dakota 
West Virginia 


Adult Signature Required for all Deliveries

If you live in the Greater King County area (determined by the zip code you enter when you purchase your wine) then MyWinehunter will deliver your wines directly to your door. We will email you to confirm the best date and time to arrive so that you can ensure an adult (21 years or older) is present to sign for the wine delivery. We cannot leave wine at your delivery address without the signature or a person over 21 years of age. We may ask to see your ID.

Local Deliveries (Greater King County Area) may take between 3 and 5 business days to arrive.


Adult Signature Required for all Shipments via UPS

You must be 21 years of age or older, to order or receive alcoholic beverages from MyWinehunter. Please have your wine sent to a home or business address where an individual at least 21 years of age is available during regular business hours to sign. By law, all alcohol orders require an adult signature for delivery. UPS will make up to 3 delivery attempts. A valid government-issued ID may be required upon delivery. Wines purchased from us are not for resale and are for personal consumption only.

UPS Shipments may take between five and ten business days to arrive. Sorry, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

You may change your shipping address by accessing your account or by emailing us at no later than 10 days before your next shipment. 


Delivery Fees
FREE delivery for orders of 6 bottles or more in Greater King County!

Zip Codes for Free Delivery Include:

98001 98027 98053 98101 98132
98002 98028 98054 98102 98133
98003 98029 98056 98103 98134
98004 98030 98057 98104 98136
98005 98031 98058 98105 98138
98006 98032 98059 98106 98144
98007 98033 98062 98107 98145
98008 98034 98063 98108 98146
98009 98035 98064 98109 98148
98010 98036 98065 98111 98154
98011 98037 98068 98112 98155
98012 98038 98069 98114 98158
98013 98039 98070 98115 98160
98014 98040 98071 98116 98161
98015 98041 98072 98117 98164
98019 98042 98073 98118 98166
98020 98043 98074 98119 98168
98021 98045 98075 98121 98171
98022 98046 98082 98122 98177
98023 98047 98083 98124 98178
98024 98050 98087 98125 98188
98025 98051 98092 98126 98198
98026 98052 98093 98131 98199

All other locations: MyWinehunter will ship via UPS to all other locations in Washington State and to the list of allowed states in the list above.

Shipping Conditions
MyWinehunter reserves the right to delay shipments until conditions improve during inclement weather, extreme heat or extreme cold. Please note we are not responsible for items damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

MyWinehunter Wine Club Shipping Schedule
Quarterly Club shipments are sent out as follows:

Spring Shipment: March 1
Summer Shipment: June 1
Autumn Shipment: September 1
Winter Shipment: December 1

When you join the Club you will be billed for your first quarterly shipment at the time of purchase.  You will receive your first quarterly shipment on the first day of the next quarter. 

Shipping Duration
Local Deliveries (Greater King County Area) may take between 2 and 5 business days to arrive. UPS Shipments may take between five and ten business days to arrive. Due to shipping regulations, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.


Shipping Address
You may change your shipping address by accessing your account or by emailing MyWinehunter at no later than the 20th of the month prior to the next shipment. (February 20, May 20, August 20, November 20).

MyWinehunter Wine Club Billing
Club members are charged for shipments on a quarterly basis. Billing takes place on the first day of the delivery month. See Shipping Schedule above. By clicking the “I understand and I agree” button, you give Winehunter LLC the right to charge the credit card number you provided for services rendered.

MyWinehunter Wine Club Membership Changes or Cancellations 
To update or cancel your MyWinehunter Club membership you may log into your customer account on the website and select "Manage Subscription" or contact MyWinehunter in writing prior to the 20th day of the previous month by emailing

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